How To Stop Feeling Like A Fraud

There are two types of people in the world: those who believe in their abilities and those who don’t.


Do you like a fraud at work? Need help managing the Inner Critic.

I personally help you challenge the very thing holding you back - The Imposter Syndrome, now published on Amazon in Paperback and Ebook.

The Audio Book is now on Audible and Itunes.

  • Improve your job prospects
  • Get promoted without fear
  • Improve your work relationships
  • Manage upwards
  • Feel the Fear and do it anyway.
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I am proud to have worked with great people running the biggest media brands in the UK, from the BBC in the North East of England, Smash Hits Poll Winners Tour and radio station Key 103 in Manchester UK.

The step up programme at the BBC was one of the proudest training programmes I was involved in. Helping new managers across the UK and the BBC's World Service.

ITS Graduate in NLP Coaching and I've studied competitive advantage at Wharton Business School in Philadelphia. That place is amazing.

I am committed to helping you to stop "feeling like a fraud" no matter where you are in your career.

ways to crush the imposter syndrome

1-1 Coaching

Work to Smash the Imposter Syndrome and identify what is holding you back.

Management Seminars

Explore the issue of being a new manager in a group and transform your leadership and teams performance.

Public Speaking

How to challenge your own limiting beliefs with the 5 step process. Discover how Phil has used these tactics in the commercial sector and the BBC in the UK.


  • Manchester, England, United Kingdom



You feel like a fraud, so you end up blushing, and I get it. After all, you are human, right?

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There is nothing like getting out the wrong side of the bed for enhancing the Imposter Syndrome. The thing is the mind and body and one system, so that makes sense, right?

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Is the desire to be perfect getting in the way. That of course can lead to the Imposter Syndrome. Perfection can lead to failure

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